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Characteristics of high precision die parts

In addition to high strength and toughness, the surface performance of high-precision die parts is very important to the working performance and service life of high-precision die parts. The improvement of these properties is very limited and uneconomical only depending on the improvement and improvement of the matrix material, and the surface treatment technology can often get twice the result with half the effort, which is the reason why the surface treatment technology has developed rapidly.Mold polishing technology is an important part of mold surface engineering and an important post-processing technology in mold manufacturing process. Because there are still some problems in polishing technology and materials in China, for example, the injection mold for lens of fool camera, CD, VCD disc and injection mold with high transparency requirements for tools still rely on import.
It is worth noting that the polishing of die surface is not only affected by the polishing equipment and technology, but also by the specularity of die material, which has not attracted enough attention, that is to say, the polishing itself is restricted by the die material. Although new processing technologies aiming at improving the surface properties of precision die parts are emerging, the main applications in the manufacturing of high-precision die parts are nitriding, carburizing and hardening film deposition.Because the nitriding technology can form the surface with excellent performance, and the nitriding process has good coordination with the quenching process of high-precision die parts steel. At the same time, the nitriding temperature is low, after nitriding, there is no need for intense cooling, and the deformation of high-precision die parts is very small. Therefore, the surface strengthening of high-precision die parts is the earliest and most widely used nitriding technology.
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