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The main factors of the hardness of precision die parts

2019-11-26 With the development of 4.0 industry, industrial production and people's life are inseparable from the application of mold. As an important part of mold, mold parts are closely related to mold. Precision mold parts are widely used in various kinds of manufacturing fields, such as plastic mold, stamping mold, automobile, electrical and aviation. The quality characteristics of die parts depend on the quality and service life of die. Generally, the higher the hardness of die parts, the smaller the wear, the better the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance is also related to the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of carbide in the material.

1. Strength and toughness

    Most of the working conditions of dies are very bad, some of them often bear large impact load, which leads to brittle fracture. In order to prevent the die parts from brittle fracture, the die should have high strength and toughness. The toughness of die mainly depends on carbon content, grain size and microstructure.
2. Wear resistance; mold accessories

    When the blank is plastic in the mold cavity, it flows and slides along the surface of the mold cavity, causing severe friction between the surface of the mold cavity and the blank, which leads to the failure of the mold due to wear. So the wear resistance of the material is one of the basic and important properties of the die. 3. Fatigue fracture performance

    In the working process of die parts, under the long-term action of cyclic stress, it often leads to fatigue fracture. Its forms are small energy multiple impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture.

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